Tony Braithwaite on directing “The Twelve Dates of Christmas”

ImageArtistic Director Tony Braithwaite is familiar to Act II audiences for his on-stage performances in My Fair Lady, Didn’t Your Father Have This Talk With You?, Lend Me a Tenor and many other hit shows. For The Twelve Dates of Christmas, which plays Dec. 10 through 29 at Act II, Tony steps backstage into the role of director. We asked Tony a few questions about the play, about directing, and about the show’s star Maggie Lakis.

Why did you want to direct this play?
Twelve Dates is a one-person show, and I have some experience with being in one-person shows as an actor. I’ve also directed a few. Plus, the play contains a lot of direct address and comedic monologues, and my original background is as a stand up comic, which is another skill set I can hopefully draw on for this project. As such, I am hoping I can shed some light for our amazing actress Maggie Lakis. I also wanted to direct the play because it’s super funny. 


Maggie Lakis

What makes Maggie so special for the role?
Maggie has a wealth of experience: comedic, dramatic, musical, puppetry even. She’s as good as it gets. She blew us away at auditions, and “got it” immediately. As director I suspect I may have to do very little except have to play traffic cop. Maggie’s just terrific.

Why will people enjoy it?
It’s funny, festive, candid, disarming, and good light fare for around the holidays, but it also has just a little bit of an edge that makes it even more fun.
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